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As a recent college grad of a 3 year diploma course in science I am no facing the reality of finding a job. What is your advice get the interview and then land the dream job I went to school for?

keep on keeping on. 

job market is rough, but the main thing to do is keep applying to jobs.  where i started out teaching, the call-back rate was something ridiculous, like 5% or 10% or something (10% is actually pretty good in comparison to other fields) and this was 8 years ago so i can’t even imagine what it is now.  it’s frustrating to put out 100 applications and maybe get a call back on 5 but you know, that’s what you gotta do.

have someone look over your resume, make sure it’s appropriate and fits the jobs you’re applying for.  don’t forget to tailor your resume / cover letter to each job, highlighting the skills and responsibilities they’re looking for (with the appropriate buzzwords included!).

think about taking internships if that’s a possibility (both availability and financially speaking for you - i won’t get into the problems of the concept of internship in general here).

i’m not sure whether you mean you want the dream job now or you want at least a foot in the door to work your way to your dream job.  depending on what you mean by dream job, think about other routes to get to that.  And remember that no one starts off as a high-flyer, lots of people have to start from the bottom and work their way up.  don’t be above that, remember you still have a lot to learn and you still have to pay your dues. 

hope that helps!


What do you think of Carol Ann Duffy and her poetry?


i don’t have any strong feelings on way or another.  i’m actually not the biggest fan of poetry in general, although i have a few of my own favourite poets.

As a new sub working towards getting my teaching certificate, I'm still learning how to address anti-lgbt slurs. I went through high-school closeted, & suffered from bouts of depression, so I understand how hurtful anti-lgbt slurs are, but I'm worried about hurting my career as a new substitute teacher, & in the future, as a new teacher, if I rock the boat too much since I'm in a very conservative area. I don't want to ruin my career now & not be able to help later. Do you have any advice?


i answered a vaguely similar question here (ignore the first part of course).

as i said there, it’s hard being a sub teacher because you don’t have any established relationships with the students, so them listening to you will be a problem (about anything nevermind about their language).

first, know what the school rules are surrounding things like that.

second, i think the best that you can do as a sub, when it happens, is to try to let it be known that those kinds of slurs aren’t acceptable in the classroom, or anywhere else, and if it turns into a discussion on why etc., then you’ve created an educational moment and that’s great.  make it known that you won’t accept it but you can do that without blowing the situation up into something drama.  if it happens and you say hey! not cool, and they snicker or talk back, try to stand your ground firm.  but there’s a fine line between trying to make your point with them and stand strong, and also knowing when to back down and ignore them - because sometimes students talk back etc., not because they have strong feelings about using anti-lgbt slurs but because they’ve now learned how to push your button and they’re going to push it. 

i think also making it not personal: like, don’t use anti-lgbt slurs because I’M gay/lesbian/trans/etc., but because it’s just bad in general will help.  as a sub, unless you’re a regular sub and they really like you, sometimes students won’t care about your feelings or because they know now that you’re this or that, or know it bothers you they’ll just do it more (again, just to spite you, not necessarily b/c they’re homophobic, although that also might be in the mix). 

as for when you have a regular class and you become the regular teacher to a group of students, your tactics and way of approaching the situation will evolve as you and the students create your own educational environment.  as their regular teacher, you will all set the classroom rules and learn what is expected from each other.

whether that “rocks the boat” in your school district or not, i can’t really say.  depends really how much the students make of it and you, and the rules of the classroom etc., as well as how much you make of it.

hope that helps, and goodluck.


when someone says it must be nice to get out of work so early


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