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Lam a high school student who ever since she remembers has wanted to be a teacher. I know what subject I would like to teach but not what Grade.... So do you have any advice for an up and coming teacher?


well, you don’t really get to choose what specific grade you teach.  once you get a job, they then assign you the grade they need you to teach.  you choose the age range: like elementary school ages or secondary school ages (some countries then split it up: upper or lower elementary school age etc., but same idea).  so you should more be thinking whether you want to teach elementary school kids or highschool kids (this is down to personal preference).  if you already have a specific subject then it sounds like you’re aiming for highschool, since elementary school teachers are general subject teachers, not specific - unless you’re doing upper elementary school age, or you’re very specific like a music or language teacher.


Hello I'm Kymberlee, I'm planning to be a world history teacher when I go to collage. I'm a high school student, is there any advice/classes that you recommend of me taking?? during school or the summer? Thank you for reading and I hope your next school year is simply wonderful and may your students be willing to learn!! -Kym p.s. love the blog!

history would be the obvious suggestion.  if your school offers a peer tutoring course then you can take that.  and you can offer private tutoring to get some experience and also pad up your resume.  you should seek out opportunities that work with children - summer camps, volunteering at children’s hospitals, etc..  volunteer work is important actually.

as for specific classes to take, you’d have to see the admission requirements for the university you want to attend.


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